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    import_to_registry.sh (2.1.1) fails with error "no such file or directory"


      While running the import_to_registry.sh I am getting the following error:


      Jun 22 07:10:41 slcan587.us.oracle.com docker[25480]: time="2016-06-22T07:10:41.295840800-07:00" level=error msg="Handler for POST /v1.22/images/load returned error: stat /scratch/docker-data/devicemapper/btrfs/subvolumes/cc58e0cd22f6c3c6ff41caab43b01f4f7ca4df060dad5e9c57703969d42786bf: no such file or directory"


      The script fails at step load_to_local_docker_store()


      If I manually create the folder, the script fails again looking for another missing folder name. So far I've manually created 30+ folders but it still fails every time I run the script


      Any clues how to debug this further?