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    Burst to printer is not printing on the selected printer


      Hi All


      Need your help in Burst to Printer.


      Request you to please help us on this.


      We have added new server code to the xdodelivery.cfg file.


      xdodelivery.cfg file


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>


      <config xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/oxp/delivery/config">


        <server name="ipp_hplj602n" type="ipp_printer" default="true">


         <filter>pdf2ps -paper Letter {infile} {outfile}</filter>


      <--This is new code for ipp_po printer  -->

        <server name="ipp_po" type="ipp_printer" default="true">


      <filter>pdf2ps -paper Letter {infile} {outfile}</filter>   -- We Commented this line , because we are having (1) issue, if i  remove this filter and tried i have (2) pls check




        <property name="ds-temp-dir">/tmp</property>

        <property name="ds-buffering">true</property> 




      (1) Error Could not deliver the output for Delivery channel:null

      Inline image 1


      (2)Status showing success

      Inline image 2


      Here these names are user defined names correct?(server name="ipp_hplj602n" type="ipp_printer")

      But output is not printed on the selected printer.


      Bursting control code



      <xapi:print id="invprinter1" server-alias="ipp_po" copies="1" />



      <xapi:document output-type="pdf" delivery="invprinter1">


      <xapi:template type="rtf" locale="en-US" location="xdo://XXTEST.POXML.en.US/?getSource=true"/>


      printer details


      Type: --PASTA Universal Printer Type



      Style: LANDSCAPE

      Driver Name: PASTA_LANDSCAPE

      Columns: 132

      Rows:  66

      SRW Driver: L

      User Style: Landscape

      Seq: 10





      Why the pdf files are not printing on the selected printer.



      We are using Landscape style and that printer also has same kind of driver.



      Please help me on this.



      Thank you very much for your help.



      Oracle Apps R12.1.3