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    XDO/XML Publisher concurrent report submission -timing- question

    Liza Henriquez-Oracle

      I have a critical issue in which we see XML reports taking very long time to complete (when ran simultaneously as opposed to serially) (customer has to run thousands of these soon)


      Request shows starting at 15-JUL-2016 11:16:58


      XDO Data Engine Version No: 5.6.3

      Resp: 51091

      Org ID : 113

      Request ID: 18020632

      All Parameters: P_PERSON_ID=999999:P_LETTER_HEAD=Y:P_KEY_VALUE=99999999:DebugFlag=:ScalableFlag=

      Data Template Code: CUSTOMTEMPLATE

      Data Template Application Short Name: XXX

      Debug Flag:

      {P_PERSON_ID=49778, P_KEY_VALUE=27483706, P_LETTER_HEAD=Y}

      Calling XDO Data Engine...  ===> ??

      [071516_112610793][][STATEMENT] Start process Data    =========> but data processing doesn't start until 10 min later

      [071516_112610796][][STATEMENT] Process Data ...

      [071516_112610812][][STATEMENT] Executing data triggers...

      [071516_112610812][][STATEMENT] BEGIN


      +------------- 1) PUBLISH -------------+

      Beginning post-processing of request 18020632 on node C3-A1-OA2-ISTG-115 at 15-JUL-2016 11:26:12.

      Post-processing of request 18020632 completed at 15-JUL-2016 11:28:28.


      The Publish stage takes just a couple minutes to complete and the sql execution completes in seconds...


      What happens between "Calling XDO Data Engine" and "Start process Data" that takes 10 mins to complete..?

      Why would this behavior only show up when a couple reports are ran at the same time as opposed when ran alone ?


      Any hints where to start looking?