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    Server to server form integration

    Edina Popi



      Has anyone done server to server form integration to Eloqua where you push data into the form through PHP code?


      Here's the background story: the external form sits on a website (it's a survey) and once it's filled out it goes into an application database that calculates some scores etc and then it's sent to another DB. Inbetween Eloqua wants to chip in and harvest the data from the form. We cannot do this via AJAX code as we would need to add 3 lines of code on the Eloqua server side and we don't have access to that. Hence we went with the server to server option, however, it seems we are hitting an issue and cannot submit the data into ELQ. Do you need to whitelist the sending server so the data is accepted in Eloqua (it would be logical).?


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