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    FDMEE integration with SAP S4 Hana

    Hyperion MA

      Hi Experts,


      I need your guidance in integrating HFM with SAP S4 Hana using FDMEE Is it possible to integrate S4 Hana using Std SAP adapter/Open Interface adapter? If not, can it be done using FDMEE

      Thanks in Advance.

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          Not clear on whether  you trying to get data from HFM to SAP as a target or are you trying to get data from SAP to HFM.


          If SAP is your target you could use the Custom Application feature via FDMEE.


          The official direct source integration SAP products are listed in the FMDEE admin guide thus you should review the guide


          You could also look at the FDMEE document(open interface) which also you to stage data from non direct sources in



          In FDMEE you could also look to use the universal adapter



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            Hyperion MA

            Thanks for your inputs. From the admin guide, i understand that Hana is not a supported source system for FDMEE out of the box SAP adapter. Also, it is not supported using Universal adapter in So the only option we are left with is using open interface adapter.

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              The universal data  adapter in FDMEE in theory should allow you to connect to any external data source(bypassing the opening interface table) thus it is to be more flexible that the open interface. You may want review further into your exact requirements and the Universal data adapter and as always if you run into an issue you could post an Oracle SR is something is not working as expected.

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                Hyperion MA

                Below is from the Universal Adapter section. Per this, it does not have Hana as one of the source system. But nevertheless, i will try to make use of this adapter to check if it works. I wanted to know if anybody else has worked on a similar integration because database table structure of Hana will be different from the SAP modules that are currently being supported by FDMEE.


                Before you use the universal data adapter in Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition, register the data source from which you want to import data.

                FDMEE supports data extraction from the following data sources:

                • Oracle Data Source – UDA_ORCL
                • MSSQL Server Data Source – UDA_MSSQL
                • MySQL Data Source – UDA_MYSQL
                • Teradata Data Source – UDA_TD
                • DB2 Data Source – UDA_DB2
                • DB2 400 Data Source - UDA_DB2/400
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