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    Cvent + Eloqua Integration Plans

    Anita Covelli-Oracle

      Hi everyone -


      As many of you know, the legacy Oracle-built integration between Cvent and Oracle Eloqua is being discontinued. The great news is that the Cvent team has committed to rebuilding the integration on the latest Eloqua APIs and the AppCloud Developer Framework. Here is more information on timing and a PDF outlining the planned functionality:


      Cvent for Oracle Eloqua Integration – Joint Statement from Cvent and Oracle Marketing Cloud

      Cvent will build a replacement integration with Oracle Eloqua and publish it to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace by December 31, 2016. The target completion date is October 31st, 2016, allowing customers time to transition from the current Oracle-built Cvent integration hosted on cloudconnectors.eloqua.com. In order to provide mutual customers with continuity as Cvent builds a new integration with Oracle Eloqua, the Oracle Marketing Cloud team will continue existing support for this legacy integration through December 31, 2016.


      If you are interested in learning more about the new integration or participating in an early access program, please contact Julianne Stevens at Cvent.