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    EBS- Creating User ID -Pattern- R12.1.3


      Dear  ERP  users/experts:


      We  are in the stage of moving to production system - R 12.1.3  -

      Presently we need to create user id in EBS.

      We prefer to use  company employee  id as  User ID ( We are using HRMS foundation -not full HRMS module)


      But  network administrator is recommending to use the domain user id as  user id for ERP as well.


      Can you please advice: 


      • The best  pattern to create user id
      • Is it possible to to integrate  windows (2012 domain) with oracle ERP as single login for all.


      Thanks for your timing

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          If you want to be able to do SSO, especially if you want SSO with windows AD, then using the AD user ID as the user id in EBS would be recommended as that would make it much easier to implement SSO. You will need Oracle Access Manager 11gR2 as well as Oracle Internet Directory and DIP in order to implement SSO for EBS and use your AD accounts.

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            Thanks for your reply   Handat.



            Is these  modules - Access Manager , Internet Directory, DIP- are free or we need buy.

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              They are part of the Oracle Access Management Suite and licensed accordingly. I am not sure if EBS includes a restricted license to implement it for SSO. Check with your Oracle sales rep or perhaps someone on this forum with that knowledge might chip in.

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                Checked with consultants - below are the initial technical requirements . As this will process will take more time to get internal approval, we are going ahead with company Employee ID as the ERP user id.   Thanks


                • Oracle Access Manager,
                • See Footnote 1 for restrictions.
                • Oracle Access Manager WebGate
                • Oracle Identity Management,
                • Oracle Unified Directory
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                  Good luck with that especially with your later stages as you will need a lot of it. It may seem like good progress at the moment to be able to continue quickly, but you may regret it later on when this decision will bite you during the SSO or provisioning part of the work. Make sure this decision is documented properly in the architecture and pros and cons are well understood. I am not saying that this means doom, but it will cost you a lot in terms of efforts during the SSO/provisioning work so keep in mind that the guestimate effort you will be given for that piece of work will need to at least trippled.