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    OBIEE 12c migration. Is it possible to reuse existing domains?


      Hello everyone,


      having waited quite a long time before focussing on OBIEE 12c, today i started to set up an OBIEE 12c test environment.


      Beeing interested in the new features i chose "sample application" when configuring OBIEE 12c for the first time.


      This led to a fully preconfigured environment, including  BI-Domain, Repository, Catalog... etc. Let's call it 'bidomain'



      Now i'd like to go on and test 11g migration tools, included in OBIEE 12c.


      That's when some questions came up my mind:


      1.) Do I have to set up a new domain (e.g. bidomain2 ...) within OBIEE 12c configuration tool or can i reuse my current domain ('bidomain', the one containing sample app lite)?


      2.) Is it neccessary to create a new domain (bidomainX, bidomainY...) , everytime i use the OBIEE 12c configuration tool to migrate 11g contents into OBIEE 12c? If that's the case, is it possible to 'uninstall' old or unused domains?



      Thank you for your help