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    zebra printer issue in R12.1.3


      Hi All,


      We are trying to print labels out put(4 by 6 label paper) using BI Publisher Burst to printer.


      But unable to print the labels could you please help me on this.


      The printer is configured on CUPS

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          Could you please help us.


          Thanks in advanced.

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            I don't have a solution for you Rajesh, but 'unable to print the labels' is a pretty vague statement...maybe some more information would help others give you solutions? Are you getting an error? is nothing happening? what have you tried so far?

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              Thank you very much for your reply.


              Below are the steps on this.


              1)Custom pick slip report using bursting to printers.

              2)we have 3 layout , burst control file controls the 3 different pick slips layouts

              3)the last 3rd layout is for Labels output, we are planning to print the Labels on the Zebra printer configured on CUPS

                And created in the application with PASTA

              4)The concurrent program has PDF Publisher style


              Test cases used for Zebra Printer is:


              1)Printing form CUPS setups(clicking on the Print Test button)

              2)lp -d printername filename command from application server


              it was failed with the above 2 test cases


              i am new to this bursting to zebra printer and we tried to print on the Zebra nothing is  happening.


              please help us on is this correct way what i am doing.


              How to print labels printer from burst program? Is there any another ways?


              Thanks again,.