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    how to refresh source page after closing the model window which is called from navigation bar item.


      Dear all,


      i am using apex 5 with universal theme on windows with oracle 12c and firefox.

      i have followed many threads, but none was according to my exact situation, or may be i didnt get them well.

      some of them are below

      Apex 5 declarative modals and post-close actions on source page

      Re: Returning Item values from - Form Page (Modal Dialog) - Universal Theme

      how to trigger DA when user clicks a standard close window button


      i have replicate my situation in apex.oracle.com

      my details are below





      pages=6 and 1  (1 is home page, and 6 is model page)




      when i run the application and click on the sign up (on the navigation bar), it open the page 6 for Sign up perpose.

      once the user fill all the feilds and click on sign up, it is creating the user and singing in the newly created user and close the dialog model windows.

      once the windows is closed, i need the home page to be refreshed so that the info for the connected user is updated on the navigation bar.

      currently, i need to manually refresh the browser so that the newly created user is refreshed and visible on the navigation bar.

      how could i do that?


      Note: i dont why but when i import my application into apex.oracle.com, the model windows is giving error when  i click on sign up button.

      and after clicking on sign up button



      i dont know why, but this error is not coming in my local computer.


      two question here.


      1. how could  i refresh the home page after closing the model window by clicking on sign up button?

      2. how could i refer in my code the navigation bar items, e.g :p12_USERNAME which is the item on my page 12. how could i refer an item which is in navigation bar?