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    Run-time computation in an OBIEE report

    Rahul Huilgol

      Hi everyone,

      I have a situation that requires me to capture two values from the report parameters viz, months.. say MonthID1 and MonthID2.

      I have employee data in a database table for all months. I need to be able to do 6 comparative computations with the data in the table for the two input month-IDs and display the results in the OBIEE report. The report allows me to pick any two months from a drop-down.


      One way of doing this I thought was to write database functions to compute and return values. I don't mind writing 6 dedicated functions then use the EVALUATE() in physical layer objects to capture the result returned by the function and then display in the report. 


      Not able to understand if this would be a good way to go about doing this. Please advise!!