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    Concern copying the query from database editor tool to the discussion comment

    Vysakh Suresh - 3035408

      Dear Oracle concerned,


      Kindly be informed that we have small concern post the July 31 upgrade... not posting the same under the thread created for the same as the same is quiet overly polluted already..


      A small concern faced.. while copying the query created in database editor tool (don't know of any other tool having issue other than TOAD, used here ).. not all but some like TOAD.. the data copied is not coming completely.. its getting partly truncated..


      issue was there prior to the July 31 upgrade but not this severe..


      Earlier if there happens to be a.. say like a statement like this..





      then the '(' will be truncated which was resolved by noting that on addition of the '(' to same line.. that is like this..




      would resolve it


      but currently issue is like say I type the following query in TOAD.. (just a simple example only)


      while copying to comment section I get something like this..





      worse case scenarios occur with large queries..


      Know that copying the same to notepad will resolve the issue..


      But the formatting done in the editor will be lost.. that was why..


      it will be useful to share some formatted code than a plain unformatted code rytee..


      Thanks and Regards,

      Vysakh Suresh