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    IP warming up and current email campaigns


      Hi everyone,


      New here, I hope I'm in the right place to ask some questions about delivrability and IP warming...

      I've been working with Eloqua for almost 2 years and I initiated 2 IP warming but still not so sure I'm doing it right.

      I'm initiating the 3rd and my client asked me that question:


      Can they continue to send emails from their former platform while we are warming up the IP on Eloqua?


      The situation is that they send 1-2 weekly emails to their approximately 10.000 contacts opt-ins. Contacts opt-ins that we will be targeting for the warming up of their new IP to send from Eloqua.

      I had the idea of stopping the IP warming campaign on the days they'll be sending out their emails but I was told the best practice will be not to send from the former platform. How can we manage that then? 


      We only be using Eloqua for 10k to 12k contacts for 6 months as a POC, we'll see afterwards if they want to widen it or not. So we have a great challenge on warming the IP for future...


      Can anyone please help me on that, please?

      We need to send the current weekly 1-2 emails AND warm the IP.


      Thank you a lot,