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    How to write ReadyTalk webinar activity from Eloqua to Salesforce?


      I have found a few old articles on using data processing steps at the CDO level...I'm not quite sure that's the right step here.


      I am trying to both update the value of a contact record field based on the value of a CDO field and add them to a program to pass to Salesforce.


      After a webinar the CDO 'Attended?' value is either true or false. For any 'true' values, I need to change the value to Registered on the contact record field 'Last SFDC status'. What's the best route to achieve this?


      This article about Vidyard integration seems extremely close to what I'd be doing - but I am not sure the integration level is the right place. This data needs to appear at the campaign member level, not contact record, if that makes sense?


      Any tips on how anyone else is accomplishing would be appreciated, as the post webinar process is still extremely manual for us!