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    Dataguard, OMF an Multitenant



      for a future project I will have to use DataGuard and multitenancy as customer requirements. Intitial there are up to 4-5 PDBs initial planed.

      Now I have to decide if I want to use OMF or not.


      Due many test, I discovered still some issues (?) with Dataguard, OMF and multitenant, wihout getting an acceptable solution:

      GUID in directory not created while restoring a PDB at standby

      Oracle 12c - Creating a Standby Database - source database is multitenant using OMF - pluggable locations differ between…

      and Regarding this Doc ID 2049127.1, too.


      Thats why: Is it overal a good decision to use OMF up from beginning?

      Are you happy with operating of Dataguard, Multitenant an OMF together? Have you already some experiences gathered?


      Regards Peter