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    Unable to assign function to menu



      I had created a custom function for OAF page and trying to assign it to a menu. It sounds silly but for some reason I don't see created function in the lookup.

      I did create custom functions and assigned to menus before, had no issues.

      I could do this from back end by inserting into table directly with no issues.

      Not sure if I am missing anything here. Please help


      Thank you,


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          Do you mean you can't see the function in the menu page? The LOV for functions in FNDMNMNU basically just selects from fnd_form_functions_vl. So check you can see your entry in there. If not then I suspect when you created the function something happened that meant the entry was corrupt - perhaps the entry in fnd_form_functions_tl is wrong somehow (wrong language used)?

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            Hi, I can see entries in both table and view and it has correct language.

            I also don't see other custom functions we created in 11i version. For some reason I can only see one custom function and standard oracle functions in the lookup.

            We had migrated to R12 last year and from what I know, this is the only custom function we created after upgrade.