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    Authorization in Obiee With Weblogic and Tables.


      Excuse me for my terrible english!


      This is the question:



      I have a critical problem.


      I want use the Authorization  module in Weblogic.

      Service-> MyRealm-> Provider -> New ....... BI SQL Group Provider


      This is my environment:

      I reconfigured an LDAP Povider to autentication in OBIEE.

      For the authorization i want use my tables, and have created this module called  "MyBISQLGroupProvider",  provider type:  BISQLGroupProvider.


      I have created the database adapter called with the same name of the provider (i dont know if is necessary)


      I hope all this configuration are correct, but does not work for LDAP user, and work only for weblogic useres.


      This users (weblogic) do not need  the database adapter to be profile them , because i obtained for them, the groups related in the tables  with the user X before i created the database adapter.


      For the Ldap Users this do not work. They to be profiled with their ldap group! 


      I want that they should be profiled with my database table.

      Why they have their ldap group? 

      There is a method to delete this group and use a groups from my table?



      Thanks, i very tired of this situation!!