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    Display As Running Sum (Show Running Sum) on an 11g Dashboard


      Have you experienced the Pivot table options on the measures to be able to select Display as running sum? It is a very handy function.

      You can also click on the pivot table column of the measure and select Show Running Sum.

      The behavior while in Answers works well enough.

      While in Answers you can remove the measure column and add it back in. You can then click the measure column and select Show Running Sum and everything is back to normal.

      The issue is when you place the Answer on a Dashboard.

      The running sum works fine until you exclude the measure column and then include it back in.

      The running sum is no longer applied and there is no option to select Show Running Sum while in the dashboard.

      The only way to get it back is to exit the dashboard and reopen it. Refresh on Dashboard options doesn't do it either. Cache is disabled.


      This isn't a discussion about using the RSUM in the field formula it is about improving the dashboard UI for the end user.