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    Support for Logger - enhancement request

    Jeffrey Kemp

      The oracle open source Logger instrumentation library is gaining popularity and it would be great to build some specific support for it into SQL Developer, whether as a plugin or builtin.



      I have some suggestions for making SQL Developer work better for developers using Logger:


      1. Add an option or toggle to hide/show or dim (i.e. grey highlight) all lines with calls to logger, e.g.:



      Perhaps it could be an option that takes the name of the package as a parameter, e.g. "logger" so that it might be useful for other use cases.


      2. Add a code generator, that given a function, procedure, or package body (with many functions/procedures), will add all the standard bits to instrument it with Logger - as per the Best Practices document: https://github.com/OraOpenSource/Logger/blob/master/docs/Best%20Practices.md


      Thanks, open to discussion on these ideas.