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    Round Robin Lead Notification Question

    Joe Rice

      So I think I know the answer to this but I just wanted to confirm. Right now we are currently not integrated with a CRM but we would like to send an email notification to the sales team once a form is filled out. Right now it is going to one contact and they are distributing to their sales team. Is it possible, without CRM integration, to create a round robin distribution for the email notifications once the form is filled out?


      Any help is much apprecaited!

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          Mike MacFarlane - Couch

          Hey Joe,


          So I don't think you can do this directly in form processing, however, you may be able to accomplish this via program builder.


          Here is a post I found here that outlines how you can leverage Eloqua's Round Robin functionality in Program Builder (Round Robin Lead Assignment in Salesforce ) While the article is really around how to leverage this for lead routing, you could use it for notifications.  Instead of writing the name of a person to a contact via an update rule, you could assign program step ownership via the round robin functionality and then leverage the program step action "Send Process Member Report to Owner":




          The notification that get sent can't be customized at all and would contain all the contact fields that are part of your default contact view.


          Not the most elegant solution, but something to think about   If you have questions on this, feel free to shoot me an email at mmacfarlane@couch-associates.com.




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            Hi Joe,


            It might be easier to create an email group in your company outlook for this and then send the notification to that group. Your IT department should be able to help with this. It's possibly easier to manage in the long run.


            If you wanted to do this from Eloqua (for each form) you can add multiple email addresses to a "Send Notification Email" processing step. You just need to add "; " between each email address.


            Hope that helps


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