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    Issue while consuming REST Webservice in jdev 12.2.1

    Sapna Bhargava

      Hi All,


      I went through the steps in the following blog post to consume REST Web services (https://technology.amis.nl/2016/01/11/consuming-rest-service-in-your-adf-12-2-1-application/) by using the Web Service Data Control (SOAP/REST) menu from the gallery. The issue I have is that I get a "401 Unauthorized" error when I access the page which displays WS content.


      Had the following questions:

      1) I did select "Authentication Type" as "Basic Auth" while creating the REST Data control and passed the credentials. Even then I get a pop up to provide credentials. Is there any other setting/code which needs to be written to pass basic auth to the WS?

      2) There are some Header parameters which  need to be passed to the WS call. Where can I pass those header parameters?

      3) Is there any place for proxy setting while creating the REST data controls (apart from proxy setting in jdev preferences)? I need to set a proxy to access the WS.


      Thanks for the help,