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    Supress Output of a Concurrent program


      Hi Friends,



      Oracle EBS - R12

      I have a concurrent program Say A, inside A , I am invoking another concurrent program, Say B using "fnd_request.submit_request"- PL/SQL package,

      Inside B I invoke two other concurrent programs C and D.


      There is no problem in logic etc.- Programs are running fine.


      When I click the Output of B am getting some error output in Internet Explorer

      as shown below


      The XML page cannot be displayed

      Cannot view XML input using style sheet.
      Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try
      again later.

      Invalid at the top level of the document.
      Error processing resource


      Actually I don't want this to be shown, I want to just show a message like 'No output file'.


      How could we achieve this.


      Kindly help.