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    zip warning: name not matched




      I have a requirement to zip .txt file and move the zip file to some other location on server. I have created host concurrent program to achieve this.

      The host concurrent program works fine when the file size is less than 2GB. For files greater than 2GB i get below error:


      zip warning: name not matched: USP11-16-P11-16-2016.txt


      zip error: Nothing to do! (USP11-16-P11-16-2016.zip)



      We have installed Zip version 3.0 and i guess it supports Zip64 extension. I am able to zip the same file from unix command line using below command. But same doesn't work thru Host concurrent program. Can you please help me on this?


      zip USP11-16-P11-16-2016.zip USP11-16-P11-16-2016.txt


      Below is host program code snippet


      #! /bin/ksh




      cd $filepath

      zip $filename.zip $filename.txt

      chmod 777 $filename.zip

      mv -u $filename.zip $opfilepath/$filename.zip





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          Add the following to the host program:


          which zip > /tmp/zipversion.txt


          and review the content of the file after running from EBS. Then run the same command from the command line and check it's the same.

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            Thanks a lot. I found the issue. When executed the command which zip > /tmp/zipversion.txt from host concurrent program the content shown /u003/app/applmgr/SBHAAC1/fs1/EBSapps/10.1.2/bin/zip. The same command when executed from command line showed /usr/bin/zip.


            I added /usr/bin before zip command in host program and it zipped the file successfully.


            Thanks a lot for your help.