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    Increasing the Size of a Shared Repository ODA X5-2


      I have question as oracle documentation website does not tell about it.

      I have REPOSITORY "repo1" created on X5-2

      On this  repo1 repository I have four VDISKs Vd1  Vd2 Vd3 and Vd4

      All VDISKs are already mapped to VM ad /dev/xvdc....

      My VMs are up and running.


      Q1: I am running with space on one vdisk and I am wonder if I can increase that space on vdisk?


      I only found command that will increase space on repository

      # oakcli configure repo repo1 -incsize 2G


      Q2: Can increase size of repository on a fly when everything is running?


      Q3: How I will increase space on vDisk?