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    Requisitions and Sourcing Rules update


      Hi all,


      My client is using Oracle EBS 12.2.5.

      For each item: they have at least two suppliers and they want the ability to default the Supplier's Item Number into Purchase Requisitions. The only way I know is using ASL.


      I defined an example item, created Sourcing Rules and Source Rules assignment against this item, created ASL's with the Supplier Item Number and finally created a Contracts for both suppliers in order for them to use Advanced Pricing (I also attached the Contract number to the ASL).


      When I enter a Purchase Requisition for this item only one supplier get defaulted with both the Contract number and the Supplier Item Number (a standard functionality).

      BUT - when I change the supplier name & site to the 2nd supplier name within the sourcing rules - the Requisition form doesn't refresh the sourcing rules, hence the new Supplier Item Number and Contract number don't get defaulted automatically. In other words, the form doesn't refresh sourcing upon supplier change.


      Any ideas how can it be solved? maybe form personalization that will call the Sourcing activity?


      Thanks in advanced!