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    Move down button



      In my form I use "Optional - Above" for my fields labels, but I'm not able to aligne bottom the button the results is :


      I already tryed with this solution : Re: Move down a button and I used the suggestion of fac586 (t-Form-inputContainer)

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          Initially used the Layout Box of the Firefox Inspector to position button via the top margin.


          And applied that style here:

          Here is a demo:




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            Luis Cabral

            I had exactly the same issue some days ago.


            After much investigation the best way I found to do it was to create my own CSS class and apply it to the buttons (Appearance > CSS classes):


            .button--bottom-aligned {margin-top: 24px;}


            If you have lots of them, a maybe better option is to create a new button template with a similar CSS class so you don't have to worry about applying this class to every button that needs it.


            Or even better, add a template option to the button template.