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    Illegible or invisible fonts in dbca using X server in OEL7


      Hello Masters.


      I am using Oracle Linux 7.2 installed from an OBI image. When I try to install a database ( by using runInstaller script in a virtual machine with Oracle Linux 6.6 running in VirtualBox (5.0.26), I get an installation  window with illegible fonts. In the beginning I thought it was due to my hots OS needed fonts packages because I had already opened the runInstaller script in my virtual machine correctly, but after install all the fonts packages in my host OS based on the packages included in the virtual machine, I did not see changes. My second attempt was to use the same Oracle Database software in my host in order to run the runInstaller script without an ssh connection, that execution was successful, After, I used a ssh connection from my host to my host and after execute the runInstaller script I got an installation window with illegible fonts again, also I tried to run NETCA, NETMGR and DBUA but I saw the same problem, however running SLQDeveloper it shows the fonts correctly.


      Could someone help me to discover and fix the problem?


      Additional information:

      My java version is 1.8.0_101.

      My OS has all updates until November 17, 20016.

      Selecting with pointer some illegible fonts they become legible.


      Screenshot from 2016-11-17 15-12-23.png