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    capacity planning

      How is capacity planning performed?
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          Hope you are asking regarding the Manufacturing Capacity Planning.
          Oracle Capacity functionality is part of the Manufacturing module license.

          Oracle Capacity lets you calculate your Capacity load ratio by resource or production line.
          It ensures that you have sufficient capacity to meet your production requirements.

          Oracle capacity provides you with two levels of capacity planning :
          Rough Cut Capacity Planning (RCCP) to validate your master wschedules

          Deetailed Capacity Requirements Planning to validate your MRP plans.

          Check the Capacity User Guide available at Appsnet
          (http://appsnet.oracle.com -> Manufacturing -> User and Implementation Guides)
          for more details.

          Warm Regards
          Vinod Subramanian
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            Is there any documentation available to know about MPS freeze / MRP Freeze or can anyone explain what is this freezing?


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              Generally, when you perform a Plan calculation, there is a short term horizon where you would like no change to the current planning (you do not want your order to be rescheduled, and you do not want to get new orders in this horizon, for example); That's what is called Frozen horizon. Is this what you mean by 'MPS freeze' ?