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    Adf project file for Sub Version



      I have created application in ADF and want to save my work into Svn.


      - Kindly let me know what files/folders to be loaded into svn from my Adf application.

      - If i want to pick an existing/previous adf application to re-work then ho can I export the same in Jdeveloper.




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          Chandresh Patel

          Just checkin folder that contains .jws file and all it's sub-folders. If you are using something other than JDeveloper to check-in, for example Tortoise SVN then make sure you ignore folders like classes, .data, internal deploy to avoid committed generated resources to Subversion.


          If you want to work with existing applications that are in Subversion, then you have to perform checkout and not export, this will allow you to commit code back to Subversion.