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    autoconfig during adop cycle

    Jampani Uday-Oracle

      Hi Can somebody help with understanding,


      1. Does cutover runs autoconfig ; if it runs how it will know to run autoconfig dmz first and internal middle tier last.

      2. Does prepare runs autoconfig on patch file system

      3. Can i use noautoconfig during apply phase ; as we have autoconfig during cutover any how.

      4. Does fs_clone runs on patch file system.




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          Checking my last adop sessions, I will answer your questions:


          1. Cutover phase does not appear to run autoconfig.  I recommend running adop with options=nodatabaseportion on the DMZ node first then apply on the internal node.

          2. Prepare phase does run autoconfig on the patch filesystem

          3. I do not recommend using noautoconfig option as that is an apply option anyway

          4. fs_clone clones the new run  patch filesystem to the patch filesystem.


          Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2: Online Patching FAQ (Doc ID 1583902.1)

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