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    Create staging area fails




      As a Oracle EBS newbie I try to install Oracle EBS 12.1.3 from scratch but i have a issue with the staging area.


      I downloaded all 12.1.3 ZIP files (26 files) from eDelivery and copied them to the Linux server (OL 6.7). On the Linux server i successfully performed a MD5 checksum on all ZIP files.

      After i unzipped (unzip -d <directoryname> zipfile) all files to the staging area, i performed my first installation. The installation failed and i noticed in the installdbf.log

      something was wrong with a file in my staging area (oraAppDB./Disk1/data/stage/data_dat130.zip). I checked (unzipt -t <filename>) all ZIP files in my staging area and noticed some ZIP files

      had one of the following issue(s):

      • xxxx extra bytes at beginning or within zipfile
      • start of central directory not found


      I tried a different unzip version (5.x instead of 6) but the problem remains. I even searched Oracle's support site, but was unable to find a solution :-(

      Any idea how i can solve the issue with the staging area so i can continue the installation of EBS?