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    Ordering search results with Oracle Ultra Search Query API

      Hello everyone on this forum

      In the new portal we are building, we are planning to use Oracle Ultra Search to implement the search functionality.
      One requirement is ordering search results by criteria other than Ultra Search's default (eg ordering by Creation Date instead of SCORE).

      My question is: How to do that, using Ultra Search Java Query API ?

      I read Ultra Search docs and searched the OTN forums, but didn't find anything on it.
      Is there any way to do it ?

      Thanks in advance.

      The only alternative I can imagine, is bypassing Ultra Search completely, and instead create, sync and query a ctxsys.context index directly.
      Pro: allows to do textual searches on the indexed content and also use my own ordering criteria.
      Con: not being able to use all nice/convenient Ultra Search funcionalities (eg Crawlers, Schedulers, Admistrative Application, etc).