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    Issue with oracle ultra search and the document.getURL() call...

      I am writing a search tool using the ultra search engine in the background to make a search across an Oracle 9i database hitting various tables and columns.

      The search is working great and the product is working wonderful. However, I have a slight problem. I developed the Java application that interfaces to the UltraSearch Engine using classes12.jar and nls_charset.jar - I have been recently informed that I need to use ojdbc14.jar and equivalent classes as we are developing in a jdk1.4 environment.

      Now I have everything working correctly and have no issues with using the classes12.jar within a jdk1.4 environment, but when I switched to use the new drivers the document.getURL() and document.getLanguage() both return "???" as a value and before they were returning values I could parse (in the case of the getURL() call).

      I have done some experimentation and found that if I remove nls_charset.jar from my classes12.jar - I don't get "???" but I do get garbled text that is unparseable so I am convinced the issue is around the charset implementation and globalization process.

      I need help and I really have no idea at this point where to look and what to do? I have searched and queried every place I can and tried numerous variations but I still end up with "???" from those calls when I use the jdk 1.4 drivers?

      Can someone please help or push me down another path?