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    12c - Add Data Source is missing


      OK, what kind of stupid thing did I do THIS time?


      Here's what my screen looked like until recently:

      Add Data Source.png

      And now it looks like this:


      The icons are a bit different because I was experimenting with the style in the earlier version.  The later (bad) version is the default style.


      What parameter makes the Add Data Source option appear as shown in the first screenshot?

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          OH ... MY ... GOODNESS!!


          From the link that Gbenga posted, it appears that a BUG allowed that option to be visible in Answers in the initial release of 12c, but now in the release the "bug" has been "fixed", so that now the option is GONE in Answers.


          And if I'm reading Bug 22347229 correctly, it won't be added back in.


          We see this in the initial link: "After you install 12c, you are able to see it, but that is actually bug."


          And then from the Bug, there is this:


          1. We are continuously making enhancements to the data source feature in Visual Analyzer and it is not best practice to duplicate this functionality and keep this synced up with the file upload feature in Answers. Answers and VA have different architectures and we cannot directly re-use the code.


               Well, Oracle, here's a suggestion: Write two sets of code! This answer is ridiculous. There has to be another reason.


          2. Mashup feature requires purchase of VA. And data sets uploaded via VA can be used in Answers. This is the recommended workaround.


          Ah, THERE'S the real answer.  Just follow the money.


          And I would not put it past Oracle that they could have "accidentally" included the feature in 12c just so they could take it out later and charge customers to keep it.


          Sounds far fetched?  No, it's not.  Think about this statement: "Answers and VA have different architectures".  Yet somehow, in spite of those different architectures, that option made it into the Answers environment.  The clicks to add a new data source in VA are COMPLETELY different than they were in Answers.  This means that the addition of the 'Add Data Source' option in the early versions of 12c Answers wasn't accidental.  This was not a "bug" as Oracle attempts to claim.  The functionality didn't just fall out of the sky into the interface.  Some programmer was assigned to take the time to explicitly ADD it to that menu, and to develop the interface for adding the data source (which is, in fact, different than the one in VA), and for handling a thousand other little details to make it work properly.  This means that this feature was on a design document.  It was PLANNED.  And the plan was executed.  The functionality was allegedly tested.  Someone allegedly signed off on it. 


          And now we're supposed to believe, "oh, no, we never planned that, we never allocated programming resources for that, it was never supposed to be there"?  We're supposed to believe that it was a "bug"?  That it was a completely freakish accident?  Give me a break.


          I'm calling BS on that one.  That option did not magically program itself and put itself onto the screen in Answers in the early versions of 12c without anyone knowing about it.  It was planned and executed and put there, with a deliberate and intentional action, by Oracle. 


          Bugs occur when things don't work when or how they are supposed to.  Calling this a bug is a lie.  Call it what it is, Oracle.  It's a cash grab.

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            Christian Berg

            Mark.Thompson Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out ;-)


            It was a "bug" that it made it into the rolled out product. Not a bug as in "the product isn't functioning". Believe me it's not the worst or weirdest thing we found over these last years.


            Also this has got to do with the product roadmap and how this will evolve over time. Not much we can do about this from our side apart from repeatedly shouting "We want this in!".

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              Yeah, but shout to whom?  I can rant over here in the forum all I want, but what good does it really do?  I'm not a "customer".  I'm an OBIEE trainer who is passionate about OBIEE, but I work for an Oracle Platinum Partner, so my voice carries no product $$$ of influence.


              I have introduced this feature to students in my classes, who are now going to be stunned when they upgrade to  I feel like I have done them a huge disservice by introducing the functionality as part of Answers.  But it is completely illogical to think that for each new feature I find, and for which I write content, I must first consult ... something, someone, somewhere ... to make sure that the new feature is actually supposed to be in the product.  The 'New Calculated Measure' yellow ruler - in or out?  Definitely in, right?  So how is this one any different?  A hundred new features, and we're supposed to somehow know that this ONE shouldn't be there?


              The one thing that I can do is alert those organizations who have taken our 12c training classes, and have them shout loud and long at Oracle.

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                Christian Berg

                Whom? Every Product Manager you know. Kick them in the nads a couple of times and tell them to run to their sales guys and tell THEM that this would be uber epic in terms of revenue.


                (I can dream can't I?)