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    Creating repository Using RCU with IBM DB2 Database

    Hammam Samir

      Hello All,

      I'm trying to create anew repository using the RCU in Oracle ( BI 12c )

      The Connection To IBM DB2  ( V 10.5  "Since version 11.1 is not supported by oracle" ) was successful


      When specifying the Prefix for all schema users (Step 4/8),

      I used the default ("DEV")   and i got a message that the user max length should be 8 Chars only while it suppose to be 12

      So i used the letter ("D") only

      when Defining the new users passwords ( I used same Password For all Schema ) (Step 5/8)

      I got the following Error



      While i created 2 operating system Users with all privileges granted

      still get the same error


      While I'm new to IBM DB2 Database, IS there any Way to complete the repository?


      Thanks a lot

      Hammam Samir