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    Cleaner old analysis in OBIEE 11G

    Anastasiia Esiunina

      Hi Guys!


      I have intresting task.


      I needs automatically finding old analisys and move these analysis to trash folder. After several months delete these analysis. 

      I tried resolved this task via catalog manager.

      I reported all analisys and loaded to database.

      Then I matched this report with usage tracking table. And loaded result to file. Then I wanted analisys in result list moved from source space to trash folder via command to catalog manager, but Catalog manager haven't command for move object to other space. I haven't ideas, how this do.


      Please, help me.




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          Gianni Ceresa


          You can move things at the filesystem level directly, just keep in mind you need to move 2 objects all the time: the analysis itself and the .atr file with the same name.

          (first make sure you have backups and they really work!)

          At the catalog level you can do copy/paste + delete.


          And you know that moving an analysis you will break links: pages where the analysis was will not point to the new location, so people will not see it anymore (I guess you know but just to sure you are aware of that aspect, but probably count on that to discover if the analysis can really be deleted or was used by somebody).

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            Anastasiia Esiunina

            Hi Gianni!

            Thanks for your answer. I can't choise analysis on its name becase BI saves all analysis on russian locale. I don't understand how decode these names to utf-8. I tried decoding record via python script and I didn't get result because python can't decode.




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              Gianni Ceresa

              It would be no fun if the name was perfectly readable


              The russian characters are just represented as UTF16 hexa characters, when you see # followed by 4 chars (0-9,a-f) it's a letter.


              For example one of your names has this:

              #043f = п

              #043b = л

              #0430 = а

              #043d = н

              #043e = о

              #0432 = в

              So it's " планов " something (plans? Google Translate give me a word which could make sense ).


              Can't you maybe just copy elements to the new location and then deleting the old one using cat manager or a webservice?