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    Errors in Ultra Search crawler's log file

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to configure Ultra Search to do advanced search on a set of attributes of my Portal items.

      After executed Synchronization Schedule in the Ultra Search Administration Tool, I found these in the Crawler Progress Summary:

      Documents to Fetch 0
      Documents Fetched 284
      Document Fetch Failures 0
      Documents Rejected 0
      Documents Discovered 284
      Documents Indexed 59
      Documents non-indexable 225
      Document Conversion Failures 0

      The number of non-indexable documents are 225 while the indexed documents are only 59. Then I looked into the Crawler's log file and found that all the almost processes tried to index Portal items got errors. The errors look like:

      http://winas10g.tinhvan.com/pls/portal/PORTAL.wwsbr_srchxml.execute?p_action=generate_item&p_thingid=276935&p_siteid=753&p_result_lang=en: Portal server returned an error message.
      Documents to process = 0
      Error message returned from Portal server is: User-Defined Exception.

      The successful processed documents look like:

      Documents to process = 186
      Processing http://winas10g.tinhvan.com/pls/portal/PORTAL.wwsbr_srchxml.execute?p_action=generate_item&p_thingid=276386&p_siteid=753
      Total documents successfully processed = 86
      Documents to process = 185

      Then when I performed search, I just can find the text that appear directly on Portal pages with URL address format: http://host:port/pls/portal/url/PAGE/pagegroup_name/page_name.

      Is there any error with my Utra Search configuration here? How can I index all the Portal items along with their attributes?