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    Workflow Email Notifications are not sent when performer is set to a role (Responsibility)

    Uma Maheswara Reddy

      We have a requirement to send a notifications to a group of users who are assigned a particular responsibility.  Example: we created a responsibility called "Senior Finance Manager" and assigned it to 3 users.


      All these 3 users have email id set and notification preference set to MAILHTML with attachments.


      When a notification is sent to the newly created role (Example: FND_RESP|FND|UMA_NOTIF_TEST_RESP|STANDARD), they can see the notification in their worklist. But, there is no email sent to their email id. 


      During investigation, found that NOTIFICATION_PREFERENCE is set to "QUERY" in WF_LOCAL_ROLES table for the role "FND_RESP|FND|UMA_NOTIF_TEST_RESP|STANDARD".  Hence, it was not sending emails out.


      Once we update this preference to MAILHTML in the table from back end, it could send emails to all the 3 users.


      Is this the right approach to fix the issue as I could not see any front end form/page to update the NOTIFICATION PREFERENCE for a responsibility/role.  Any body knows how to set this preference for a responsibility?


      Thanks in advance for your help....