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    How to retrieve value of @{session.locale} on BI Server level

    Akshay Ligade-Oracle

      Our server run in multi language environment. We would like to show some data based on Locale (location) selected in User Preferences. @{session.locale}.

      We know how to get WEBLANGUAGE in RPD (BI Server) level. But we can't get value from LOCALE (it's not a session variable).

      When I log in to OBI I can chose my language:
      English - United States
      English - United Kingdom
      If I create a report using '@{session.locale}' I get "en-us" or "en-uk" based on language selected.
      From formula VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.WEBLANGUAGE) I always get "en" which is not enough. VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.LOCALE) does not exists.

      Is there any way to get value of '@{session.locale}' in RPD (BI Server). I would like to use this value in initialization block (in RPD).