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    wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'GENERATE_BILL_SCHEDULES




      While compiling package, i am getting the below mentioned error


      • Error(343,7): PL/SQL: Statement ignored
      • Error(343,7): PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'GENERATE_BILL_SCHEDULES'


      Below is the call to the Generate_BILL_SCHEDULES procedure


      l_in_stream_level_tbl := g_strem_level_tbl;




        p_api_version => 1.0,

        p_init_msg_list => 'F',

        p_id   => l_id,

        p_level =>'T',

        p_sll_tbl =>l_in_stream_level_tbl,

        x_return_status =>l_return_status ,

        x_msg_count =>x_msg_count,

        x_msg_data => x_msg_data



      Below is the definition for TYPE record


      TYPE strem_level_rec IS RECORD


        seq_no  number,

        no_of_periods  NUMBER ,

        start_date DATE,

        end_date DATE ,

        duration  NUMBER,

        Amount NUMBER,

        invoice_offset_days NUMBER,

        interface_offset_days NUMBER,

        uom_code VARCHAR2(50)



      TYPE strem_level_tbl IS TABLE OF strem_level_rec INDEX BY binary_integer;


        g_strem_level_tbl   strem_level_tbl;



      Below is the standard procedure definition of Generate_BILL_SCHEDULES procedure defined in Package oks_import_line_pub

      PROCEDURE generate_bill_schedules


      p_api_version IN NUMBER,

      p_init_msg_list IN VARCHAR2 default OKC_API.G_FALSE,

      p_id IN NUMBER ,

      p_level IN VARCHAR2,

      p_sll_tbl IN strem_level_tbl ,

      x_return_status OUT NOCOPY VARCHAR2,

      x_msg_count OUT NOCOPY NUMBER,

      x_msg_data OUT NOCOPY VARCHAR2

      )  IS

          l_api_name          CONSTANT VARCHAR2(30) := 'generate_bill_schedules';

          l_api_version       CONSTANT NUMBER   := 1.0;

          l_return_status     VARCHAR2(1)               := OKC_API.G_RET_STS_SUCCESS;

          l_overall_status VARCHAR2(1)  := OKC_API.G_RET_STS_SUCCESS;

          l_period_start      OKS_K_HEADERS_B.PERIOD_START%TYPE;

          l_period_type       OKS_K_HEADERS_B.PERIOD_TYPE%TYPE;



      Please help to resolve the issue at the earliest.





      Raviraj Raikar