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    Reg: Group report requirement


      Hi Team,


      We have 3 columns region ,duration and units duration is from ( 1 Hrs to 24 Hrs ) and our requirement is we need to group by duration from 8 Hr to till 12 Hr based on units ( like  >= 8 hr,  >= 9 hr , >= 10 hr , >= 11 hr ,>= 12 hr final report should be like below can any one suggest on this.


      Version: OBIEE


      Region Time Units
      ABC>=8 ( it as to add 8+9+10+11+12)100(Sample Value)
      ABC>=9   (it as to add 9+10+11+12)80(Sample Value)
      ABC>=10 (it as to add 10+11+12)70(Sample Value)
      ABC>=11 (it as to  add 11+12)60(Sample Value)
      ABC>=12 ( it as to sum remaining sum)1000(Sample Value)


      Thanks in Advance,