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    How to identify which page invoked a Client Extension

    Hoang Tong

      Hi Oracle Community,


      I am using one of Oracle's client extension called POR_CUSTOM_PKG (CUSTOM_VALIDATE_REQ_DIST procedure) to validate the data when a purchase requisition is raised. I've noticed that POR_CUSTOM_PKG is invoked on two pages in the requisition process, /oracle/apps/icx/por/req/webui/ShoppingCartPG and /oracle/apps/icx/por/approval/webui/ReqApprListPG.


      I have a requirement to only run some validations in POR_CUSTOM_PKG from the later page, /oracle/apps/icx/por/approval/webui/ReqApprListPG.


      Is there a way I can identify from POR_CUSTOM_PKG in the database, which page invoked it?


      Note that our APPS database and Application Servers resides on different servers.


      Appreciate your help,