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    Copy & paste



      I want to copy & paste a text content in a dicussion (from notepad), but it does not work.

      Even the most simple, just a word, cannot make it work.

      Did I miss something ?


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          Timo Hahn

          I want to copy & paste a text content in a dicussion (from notepad), but it does not work.

          ctrl-c ctrl-v works for me.



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            It's a known issue that affected certain users in the past. However, to see if any of this applies, please share a bit more information, such as OS and browser version, and where you are trying to post. Are there any error messages?

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              I did not know that an OS and browser could matter to use a forum. It must be the simplest use as possible.

              Anyway, I'm on Windows 7, IE11. No choice to use something else, company policies. And cannot change settings.

              There's no error message. It does nothing. ctrl-c, ctrl-v does not help.

              Even copy a word from my own post's reply and paste in the same does not work. Rather frustrating. I have to re-type everything.

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                Perhaps you can try the following: Enable F12 Developer Tools from the Tools menu. Press Ctrl-8

                Change the default document mode from Edge to IE 10. Select Leave this page.


                More more info see problem and work-around for issue #9.

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                  Thanks Dude. However, I do not know where to find the "Leave this page" neither the workaround for issue #9 that you're talking about.

                  I just wanted to use the basic copy&paste. I do not know why I cannot do that on this very forum. Oh well, since it's not the only thing the forum's editor is wrong about, I'll leave it right here.

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                    Sorry I forgot to post the link:

                    List of forum editor issues and bugs

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                      You've done an incredible work there.

                      That said, how comes we have to downgrade or simulate a lower IE version to do nothing but use a forum, it is an other story.

                      Not a prety good showing of Oracle community.

                      Anyway, thanks again.

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                        As far as I recall, the problem with IE 11 compatibility is supposed to be fixed. There was another copy and paste problem report during the last couple of weeks, but unfortunately no feedback.  Maybe the issue has returned, but I do not have an easy way to test it at this moment.

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                          I'm testing IE 11 set to "edge" and Win 7 x64 right now and have no problem with cut and paste. How can I reproduce the problem?

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                            Thanks for your effort. But I'm sorry Dude, I cannot tell you more than what already said earlier. I'm working on Windows 7, IE 11.0.9600. I cut or copy a word from my own post and try to paste in the same post, whatever I'm using (ctrl-c/ctrl-v, right-click copy/paste) nothing works actually.

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                              This message is posted from Chrome. And I can copy&paste....

                              tesxt copied/pasted

                              tesxt copied/pasted

                              tesxt copied/pasted

                              tesxt copied/pasted

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                                It's arguably difficult to troubleshoot a remote problem. Perhaps you can further try to isolate the issue by testing another computer and user account and see if the problem persists. That shouldn't be too difficult. If that doesn't help, you will probably have to troubleshoot your IE configuration and installation, e.g. IE add-ons and security settings. If this is a corporate setup, ask for support.

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                                  I understand, Dude. No problem at all. It's nothing but a forum and, 1) it's an all-in installed computer, 2) I certainly won't spend more time on this to know where it could come from, 3) I won't ask any corporate support for such a thing.

                                  It should no be a problem in first place to use a forum basic features.


                                  Thank you for your input !

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                                    Well, you keep saying it's just a forum, but it's more than that.  It's a web page rendered with complex functionality from an engine developed by Jive software (not Oracle), and having complex wysiwyg editors in a browser is a fairly tricky thing to accomplish (though Jive seem to have done a good job of really messing things up sometimes).

                                    I also use IE11 on Windows 7 and have never experienced issues with copy/paste, so it definitely does seem like a local issue as Dude suggests, though obviously it's something that a small amount of people have also seemed to experience (if it effected everybody then it would be a major issue with using the community)


                                    Yes, I agree with you that the action of simply copying and pasting something into a field on a browser window should be a simple enough task... but there are other factors to consider, such as the editors ability to render what you paste in a readable format, as well as your local company's policy settings on your computer which may prevent certain actions (and maybe for certain websites only)

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