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    Archive reports in a given month via Command Line (Catalog Manager Tool)


      Hi !

      This is my requirement : I have 100 reports in my Shared Folder. Out of which, 20 reports have been created in this month ( May 2017).

      Now I want to archive those 20 reports ( it's like this -- Archive X number of reports in Y month ) in one specific folder.


      Analysis so far - I found one very informative article in oracle support [How To Use The Command Line To Archive The Web Catalog In OBIEE 11g (Doc ID 1678573.1)] https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/SearchDocDisplay?_adf.ctrl-state=yugy4fwn1_4&_afrLoop=526229716848983#FIX


      My question is, is there any way, where using that command, I have an option of defining the Time Period ? ( I assume that we may not have options to specify Month/Year or even like Between X Date and Y Date to gather select reports) However, if so, do you have tricks or suggest any workarounds ?



      Note - Presently I am yet to get the access to the OBIEE setup. I wanted to run [./runcat.sh help ] command for myself  and do some R&D checks, but presently it is not possible. But for now just wanted to get some inputs from you to know if this requirement is really feasible. And also I wanted "Archive functionality" because there is one script we found in one of the blogs that takes BACKUP ( copy/paste) of reports and dashboards. We wanted Archived catalog because we will use it for un-archival later in some point in time.


      Thank you.


      Regards AM