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    Object-to-Object Data Appender

    John Alexander

      Hi all,


      I'd like to append data from 1 CDO to another after performing a few filters and updates.

      I see it was previously possible with relationship ones Object-to-object data appender with cloud connectors, but now they're not available does anyone know of another way?


      The Custom Object Record services get me some of the way toward a solution, but ideally I'd like to populate a cdo with contact and exsiting cdo data.


      any ideas?



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          Sekar R

          Hi John,


          I believe they stopped free one. The paid one is still available. (Object-to-Object Data Appender - Relationship One)

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            John Alexander

            Hi Sekar, thanks for the reply, thats the one I was refering to and unless I'm reading it wrong, It seems to use a cloud connector and they got turned off.

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              4Thought Marketing

              Hi John,


              We have a similar cloud app we can adjust to do the append data between CDOs. The changes we would need to do will just be from updating to appending the data, I don't see that being too difficult. Let us know if that will help you.



              Mauricio Gutierrez

              4Thought Marketing - Marketing Systems Analyst

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                Sekar R

                Hi John,

                I believe you want to do this process, to gather information about a record stored in different Custom Objects. For this example let me take this scenario.


                Source CDO: Email, First Name (Contact data), Last Name (Contact data), Age (Custom Object data), Interest (Custom Object data). (Email as Unique)

                Target CDO: Email, Company (Contact data), Country (Contact data) (Email as Unique)


                Final data in Target CDO: Email, First Name (from mapped contact data), Last Name (from mapped contact data), Company (from mapped contact data), Country (from mapped contact data), Age (from source custom object), Interest (from source custom object)


                If you want to use Eloqua functionalities to build the process, then you can consider below mentioned steps.


                Needed things:

                1. Source CDO

                2. Target CDO

                3. Eloqua Form

                4. Program


                - First install the "Form Submit App" available from Eloqua. From this link you can get all the relevant information to install this app.

                - So once you installed the application, create the additional fields you want to append from source custom object in target custom object (i.e. in this case, First Name, Last Name, Age, Interest). So in your target custom object, now you have fields such as email, first name, last name, company, country, age & Interest.

                - Now create a blank form (not basic form). Then add the contact fields first name, last name. Then add custom fields (data type - text) for Age & Interest. Configure field merge for first name and last name fields.

                - Now visit processing steps section. Remove the current processing steps if you found any. Since you created a blank form, basically there will be no processing steps. Now configure the processing step "Update Custom Data Object - with Form Data".


                                        Choose a custom object - select the target Custom Object

                                        Select the Key field - select unique field of target custom object (in my scenario its email)

                                        Field Mapping - Now map the form fields to target custom object fields

                                        Executes - Always


                - Save your form.


                - Now create a custom object program in Eloqua. Select the source custom data object while creating the program. Drag and drop "Listener" step. Then configure your own update rules to perform some updates on source custom object records. Then drag-and-drop the "Form submit" action. It will ask you to select the source custom object and then map the source custom object fields to form fields and click save. Then save the program to configure the listener step's source.


                - Now visit your source custom object's custom record services (New data & Modified data). In New data, add the processing step "Add to Step in Program". In Entity Type, select 'custom object records' from drop-down. In Program Canvas step, select the program's listener step you just created. Then save and close.

                - Do the same process for modified data as well. Once done, go back to the program and check the sources in listener steps.


                - Then enable the custom object record services, program. You will see the results.




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                  John Alexander

                  Thanks Sekar, this is exactly the sort of thing I was trying, as we use the form submit app a lot, but its not been an option in the program canvas.

                  I've checked the documentation, which confirms it should be in both program and campaign canvases and as reinstalling hasnt worked I've raised a fault with Oracle.


                  Thanks for the pointers!

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                    John Alexander

                    I've had a quick reply from Oracle, the form submit app is not available in the Program canvas for CDOs, its only available in contacts, so I dont think that solution will work.

                    back to the drawing board...

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                      Sekar R

                      Hi John,


                      Just now checked in topliners, and found that the app from relationship one is still available. You can contact their support team if needed.


                      App link

                      Topliner Link