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      I have an Pl/Sql function to send an RMI-Event via Java to an ApplicationServer.
      I want that this function is called everytime an Event is arriving from an specific site.
      The function looks like this: CallRmiServer(deviceName VARCHAR2, msgNumber UMBER,
      msgSubType NUMBER,msgData VARCHAR2).
      I failed with the following approach:
      call edg_utl.add_rule('js_edge_rule','tab.user_data.SiteName=BHG',NULL,NULL,'edge.CALLRMISERVER(''Factor'',1,1''testdat''),'call');
      Regards Jan
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          The call back that our Streams package calls has a specific signature. Your function has another, so you will need to write a wrapper. The callback signature is:
          PROCEDURE testProc (event IN event_table);

          Where event_table is an ADT edg_event (desc it for details).

          Inside that wrapper, you can then call your own api.

          Hope this helps -- Sam