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    Can I use S_NQ_SUMMARY_ADVISOR data without TT or exalytics machine


      Hi, I'm interested in finding out if it's possible to use S_NQ_SUMMARY_ADVISOR table without having (or wanting) times ten or exalytics. Basically, I'd love to be able to query this table just to see what fact tables, logical table sources, and levels were being hit most often, how long average queries ran, # of rows returned, etc. I've enabled writing to that table through usage tracking (in OBIEE 12c), and I can see rows going in there...but everything seems to be coded using "ID" columns. I suspect (but haven't confirmed yet) that these match the underlying UIDs assigned in the RPD. Is there any way to match these up against some sort of database table (in the RCU?) so that I can assign names to the facts, metrics, levels, etc?