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    Deploying a folder in OBIEE 12c


      Hi !


      We have to deploy a custom folder in OBIEE 12c

      We use Windows 8.

      We are following this blog.



      Our question is where exactly we should create and place our folder ?


      As per the blog we have to create a folder called WEB-INF folder and

      inside it web.xml plus our own custom JS files or images or anything that you want to call and expose from front end.


      So in this case where should we keep this parent WEB-INF folder ?




      Can anyone please help ?




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          Christian Berg

          a) there is a newer version of this approach: https://gianniceresa.com/2017/02/obiee-12c-custom-style-using-shared-folder/


          b) "12c" isn't very specific since Gianni specifically also mentions that there are issues in certain versions. There were THREE "12c" so far so which one do you have?


          c) Windows 8 was never, is not and will never be an acutally supported operating system


          d) If you do not want to spend money on the Windows server licenses then what you are looking for is Linux. There is a reason why there are server OSs and client OSs and why it is a bad approach to try to shove an applicaiton like Oracle Analytics which even consists of a whole server farm into a client OS.

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            Gianni Ceresa

            +1 Christian


            For the "where" I guess it's written somewhere in the post: where you want as long as it's accessible by the server (so on the server filesystem).


            When you deploy the folder you will navigate the folder filesystem (where the user runnning OBIEE has access) and you can pick any folder from there.

            I would personally keep it outside the ORACLE_HOME and next or inside the domain, because it will stay there in case of an upgrade (assuming you followed the advised structure of separating the config folder (where the domain is located) from the ORACLE_HOME where the "binaries" are installed.


            Also do not forget that you must first have a folder which is the one you will deploy, and inside that folder you create the WEB-INF etc., so you can keep things "packaged" together and it's easier to move around etc.

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              Christian Berg

              Yeap. For SA-based ones it's normally in /app/oracle/GUI for me with all artefacts. OACS rather /uo1/data/GUI

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                Hi Christian and Gianni,


                I am really thankful to both of you. These inputs are really important for me as I am doing this deployment activity for the first time.


                Now I have another question. I have created a new folder (DeplyFiles) on my D drive and it is like this -->


                Inside the folder there is web.xml and two test items.


                Now in the step 3 (in the blog), The path that I am going to write is :




                Is this correct ?





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                  Gianni Ceresa


                  First thing: "123.jpg" and "Test.txt" must be outside the "WEB-INF" folder. WEB-INF only had the web.xml inside and must exist because otherwise Weblogic will not allow you to select D:\DeployFiles as folder to deploy.


                  Keep in mind the privileges limitations, so make sure the user running OBIEE / weblogic is allowed to read D:\DeployFiles .

                  In the "Path:" yes you will have D:\DeployFiles, to make sure everything is right navigate there (by clicking on elements composing the path in Current Location and opening folders in the list underneath) and select it with the radio button next to "DeployFiles" (in the screenshot it's the part underneath "Current Location".

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                    Christian Berg

                    Hah hadn't even seen the pic there


                    Yes - content goes in a different folder!