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    Enormous Gape in Oracle 11g R2 Physical Standby


      Hi Gurus,


      I have a serious issue with my dataguard physical standby. the main issue started some 3 months back when the standby machine disk was 100% full and we have noticed this now. The standby db is lagging far behind the primary. The FAL indicates a fraction of the Archivelogs are missing (47 in number). The Archive logs are shipped normally from primary to standby but the dataguard apply has been stopped due to the missing log sequences.


      On primary system, the archive logs are backed up with the daily RMAN backup and deleted 7 days older logs. now we have the missing archive logs in backup stored on Tape media. is it possible to restore only archives needed from the backup set which has been taken on primary and not on standby. however we are also managing the primary and standby backups' metadata on Recovery catalog.


      I want to restore on standby, those archive logs from the backup and to manually register them to release the halted Apply Service.



      OS     :     Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2



      Please help me resolve this issue.


      Thanks & Regards,