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    Issue with master-detail interactive grid when master column is a select list

    Tony Andrews

      I have a requirement to create two interactive grids with a master-detail relationship, with the join column in the master grid being implemented as a select list.  (That's probably quite an unusual requirement I admit.)


      What I've found is that the master-detail relationship does not work in this scenario.  I suspect it may be due to this difference in the AJAX request JSON data:


      1. When master column is a Text Item for example, the JSON includes:




      2. When master column is a Select List item (with LOV "select deptno d, deptno r from dept", the JSON includes:




      So the value ("v") being passed for DEPTNO is a JSON object {"v":"20","d":"20"} rather than a string "20".


      I have a workaround for this, which is to select the DEPTNO column twice in the master query, once as a select list and once as a hidden item, then base the relationship on the hidden item.  But I thought I would raise it here in case it is a bug that can be fixed in a later release.